Dana Cohen for Louisville

Dana Cohen isn’t just a politician with the qualifications to put her name on the ballot. Dana is a mother, a friend, volunteer, and a community member in Louisville. She comes from humble beginnings, after working her way through college at Heine Brothers coffee, she earned a degree in psychology from Bellarmine University, attended the Louis D. Brandeis School of Law, and joined the Louisville Bar Association. Read the rest of Dana Cohen’s Story; read about the life experience that makes her the right choice for your vote in November.

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Dana Cohen

I believe there are two things that could be more prevalent in Louisville’s Judicial System.

  1. Availability ~ 24/7 Justice
    • For EPO’s
    • For Bond Issues
    • For Search Warrants

    “Because Louisville needs a district court judge that works as hard as the members of her community!”~Dana Cohen

  2. Transparency
      • Driving Under the Influence

    We all know someone who has been killed by an impaired driver, for me it was my father in law. When something like this happens, it’s mentally and emotionally disabling to the friends and family. It’s a devastation to the community as a whole.

      • Domestic Violence

    Domestic violence and the critical issues surrounding it is one reason why I went to law school, and it’s one of the reasons why I want to be your judge.

    As an assistant county attorney, it’s my responsibility to help the people who come into my office, as well as the members of my community. There are many resources available, for example, we can assist you in finding work, detoxing and recovery from addiction. I work daily to make our city a more safe, more productive place to live.

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